Fall Party

Plans are in the back of our minds for the Fall Party


We are thinking we need to get by this National Pandemic First!

Please know we are thinking of the entire Group,

Please be safe and check here often for updates!

2020 Fall Party Update

I've started getting questions about the fall party this year. 

We've been so involved with hospice for my Aunt  and then clearing out her apartment and working  on her will that we haven't posted anything.  I'll be sending an email soon to all stating that out of an abundance of caution we will not be having the party this fall.  We will be going strong next year as hopefully there will be a better handle on the virus.  So many of us care for parents and family members and are personally high risk.  We just don't feel comfortable bringing all together.  It would be personally unforgivable for us to be the reason for a hot spot or someone coming and unknowingly spreading it to their vulnerable loved ones or being unable to care for them due to a possible exposure.  We know folks will be disappointed,  but our hearts tell us this is the right decision with the information we have.

Pencil in our 50th Reunion for the weekend of September 24-27, 2021.

Stay safe and well.

Penny and Bob